Warning Signs the Vehicle's Belts and Hoses Could Fail

If the belts and hoses fail on your vehicle, not only will you be left on the side of the road disabled, there are many parts that could fail as a result. Here are a few warning signs to look out for before the hoses or belts on the engine do fail.

The belts on the engine need to be in good condition to be able to power parts like the fans or pumps. Listen closely because a failing belt could make a loud squealing sound. Looking at the failing belts, they will show cracks or be splitting, and might be slipping.

The hoses have to be operational in order to allow fluids to move freely around the engine and many other parts. Failing hoses appear to have cracks and soft spots.

Bring your vehicle to BMW of Wichita Falls if the belts and hoses show signs of failing, so we replace the parts before they fail on you.



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