Why Your Tire Pressure Light May Come On

Making sure your car tires are properly inflated is very important not just to preserve the tires but also for safety reasons. If you stop at BMW of Wichita Falls, we'll gladly check the pressure for you.

As reliable as your tire pressure monitoring system may be, sometimes your pressure light may still come one. One instance is first thing in the morning when it's cold. The tires may lose a little pressure overnight, but it generally comes back. On hot summer days, your tires may also over-inflate, which can trigger the light. Whether you regularly check tire pressure with a tire gauge or rely on your car's tire pressure monitoring system to notify you of pressure irregularities, it's important to watch the pressure.

Tire maintenance is just one of the many services we provide. Stop in our service center and let our techs check out your tires. We also offer various other automotive services.

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