A Number of Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

When you can identify the cause of the engine overheating, it will be easier to take the appropriate action. Whether pump replacement or changing a belt, these are some reasons the car is overheating:

  • If the radiator is clogged, coolant is not getting to the engine block to keep the moving parts cooled.
  • When the fan belt becomes too loose, it cannot spin the pump which moves the coolant through the system.
  • If a radiator hose burst or the clamps used to secure it to the engine block are loose, the coolant is leaking, and the engine is not getting cooled.
  • The water pump is the most important aspect of the cooling system. If the water pump fails, then the coolant is not moving through the system and overheating will result.

At the first sign of engine trouble, schedule a service appointmentwith the cooling system experts at BMW of Wichita Falls.

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