Enjoy the Ride of a New BMW 5 Series Model

The BMW name is one of the selling points of their high-end luxury vehicles. The 5 Series is a fantastic representation of that name. While the 5 Series is not nearly as large and not quite as luxe as it's big brother the 7 series, it has its own panache. Many of the things that make the 7 Series great are present in the 5 series.

The entertainment/computer control system on the 5 series is one of the best in class. BMW aimed to make seamless control and integration of the infotainment system a must. The automotive performance of the 5 series is also robust- especially for a vehicle of this size. The v6 comes standard with all 5 Series models.

Enjoy the new BMW 5 Series with a trip to BMW of Wichita Falls today!



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