Inspect the New BMW 3 Series in Wichita Falls

As one of the most critically acclaimed small car lines in automotive history, the division behind the BMW 3 series has a lot to be proud of. This small roadster originally made its debut on the track and later became a favorite of people all around the globe.

The new BMW 3 series comes with all top-notch safety features standard. This includes lane warning assist, auto stop, parking help, and many other features designed to keep you as safe as possible. Another major feature of the new 3 series is the upgraded cabin. There are numerous creature comforts and tech upgrades to both the driver and passenger areas in the three series. The goal was to fluidly allow users to connect their phones and other mobile devices to the vehicle.

Inspect the new BMW 3 Series. Visit our showroom at BMW of Wichita Falls today!



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