Know the Real Cost of Owning a BMW

Perhaps you are planning to buy your first BMW. Here at BMW of Wichita Falls, we believe that you should know the total ownership cost of your dream BMW model in addition to the price tag at our dealership. The real cost of owning a car consists of the following:

  • Fuel -Here the cost will depend on the type of fuel and the mileage of coverage, so you’ll want to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Tires - In case your tires wear out and you need to get a new set, you will also be required to pay an installation fee.
  • Maintenance and repairs - this will vary according to the schedule of the manufacturer, which includes changing of oils and tire rotations.
  • Taxes and fees - Under this category, you may be expected to pay fees such as local taxes and registration fees.
  • Insurance - The premiums you expect to pay will vary according to the price of the car, risks, and safety, among others.

For more information about the real cost of your dream car, visit us at BMW of Wichita Falls today!

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