Why Choose the BMW Dealership for Auto Service and Repairs?

You might wonder if it really matters where you take your vehicle for either routine maintenance or more extensive repairs. It does, and when you need any work done at all on your BMW SUV or sedan, you should come to us at BMW of Wichita Falls first. Why is that?

Our dealership covers everything related to your vehicle and our mechanics are certified to do all repairs, from simply changing the oil to replacing your transmission. You also will get the following from us:

  • Replacing parts only with original manufacturer parts
  • We know if there's been any recalls
  • Repair costs are usually covered at least in part by your vehicle warranty

We're located conveniently in Wichita Falls, TX and we can schedule an appointment for you when you need work done on your vehicle. We know you probably have a busy schedule, so we make sure your luxury vehicle is taken to our service garage and returned to you as promptly as possible. In the meantime, we have amenities you can enjoy in the waiting room. At BMW of Wichita Falls, we make sure your needs come first and that all your questions are answered. If your vehicle needs work, call us or come by our dealership today.

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