Importance of Tire Tread

Tire tread is a very important factor to ensure that your car maintains traction on the road. Treads on street tires allow water to be expelled underneath the tires, preventing hydroplaning and slipping. Tires with tread of 2/32 of an inch are dangerous and should be replaced. To test your tires, use the penny trick. Stick a penny in the treads, and if the top of Lincoln’s head is exposed, the tread is too low.

In a study conducted, the difference between 5/32 and 4/32 inch tread made a stopping distance 205 feet greater. Tire tread should be checked often, which can be done by a professional if you are unsure. New tires are best when purchased by your car dealership, as they will ensure quality and proper installation. Lack of proper tread can lead to accidents and should be checked often.

If you suspect your tires are ready for a change, contact our parts team and discuss what we have in stock, then schedule an appointment so you can have our team of technicians put these tires on your vehicle for you.

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